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March 26, 2013
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Seven Minutes in heaven
Hetalia x Reader

____ = your name

You woke up to the sound of your phone ringing. The screen lighting up and the phone moving as it vibrates on your nightstand. You sigh and grab it, squinting as the phone lights up the dark room. You answer only to hear a certain “Kesesese! ____! Jou von’t believe vhat’s happening tonight.”

You sigh again. “What Gilbert? I’m trying to sleep and it’s only……” You turn to look at the clock. “It’s only 3 am you jerk! What the hell are you doing calling me this early?!”

“Kesesese! Zhere’s a party tonight at Alfred’s house, and jou know who is going to be zhere!” Gilbert replies while cackling evilly.

You blush wildly. He’d found out who your crush was during a truth-or-dare game. “S-shut up Gilbert!”

“Vell Frau, are jou coming or not?” He asks.

“I-I’ll come. What kind of people are going to be there though?” You respond, worrying a little bit.

“Kesesese! I knew jou’d agree vith the awesome me! Alfred, Germany, zhe awesome me, Austria, France-” You shudder at that name. That guy gives you the creeps. “-Spain, Romano, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Russia, China, Arthur, and Canada.” He replies laughing again.

“Wait, who was the last one on that list again?” You question.

“I don’t know, I forgot. Oh vell it’s not important.” He tells you.

“Okay? I’m going back to bed. Don’t try to wake me up again. Oh! And when is the party?” You ask him.

“7 pm. Vear somezhing sexy! Kesesese!” He hangs up with that annoying laugh of his. You roll your eyes and curl back up into the bed, falling asleep again.

~Time Skip~

You finished getting dressed and look into the mirror. There you stand, wearing a nice (F/C) shirt and black jeans with ripped knees. You pull on your (F/C) sneakers and grab your car keys. “I hope I get to talk to him tonight….. He’s so cute.” You think to yourself. You drive to Alfred’s house to see the party already raging. France is running around the house naked, with only his rose covering his vital regions.

Alfred runs over to you.  He’s holding a small bag in his hand. “____, We’re going to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. And you go first.” He holds out the bag to you.

“I don’t have a choice in this do I?” You sigh in response. He grins and nods. You reach into the bag and pull out………….

Finally Uploaded. Thanks to ~Silesia-of-Austria She helped me out here.
I got bored and was thinking about this in 4th hour. My teacher is so boring in that class... Ugh. This is my first X reader anything. I will do 2 parts to each story. One The actual locked in a closet scene. The second one is optional. The second one is a lemon that I will only do if requested for a certain character. If the character you want isn't on the list then that means I don't have any idea on what to do for them. You can offer up an idea. That would really help. Please let me know what you think of the intro. Comment on who you want first!
Iron Cross-[link]
White Flag- [link]
Anime book-
Gilbird Plushie-[link] Gilbird Plushie part 2 LEMON!!!- [link]
A Rose-[link]
A Wok-
A Teacup-
A Hamburger Wrapper-
Maple Syrup-
A Scarf-[link] A Scarf part 2 LEMON!!!- [link]
Sorry No Hungary. She's in the story, but just because I want her to beat up a certain character. *smirk*
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mrsprime1 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
I know..... I'm working on it.... I just have writer's block....
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